The Dissident Digest


OVD-Info is proud to announce that we are launching a free weekly newsletter in English — the Dissident Digest! 

The Digest is your window into the dark world of the Kremlin’s war on human rights and civil society in Russia. 

The Dissident Digest informs you through data, news and explainers. The newsletter is by no means all-encompassing but we strive to provide you with a snapshot of most important developments. 

OVD-Info’s English branch has been spurred into existence by Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Parallel to the invasion, the authorities unleashed an unprecedented wave of repressions at home, aiming to crush the anti-war movement. 

It is now more important than ever to stop repressions in Russia as they are essential to Putin’s war-making capacity. 

We aim to inform scholars, activists, policymakers and opinion leaders — helping shape the global response to the Kremlin’s domestic repressions. 

If you want to help us you can subscribe to the Digest, follow us on Twitter, visit our website or even donate! Everything helps. 

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Подпишите петицию за отмену законов об иноагентах